Glossy Pop Guide to Influencer-Founded Brands

Glossy Pop Guide to Influencer-Founded Brands


Larissa Schot, KA AS: Influencer brand to know

This profile is part of the Glossy Pop guide to influencer-founded brands, covering the fashion, beauty and wellness companies started by people who built their careers on social media. 

Who: Larissa Schot (KA AS) 

Platform & Following: Instagram (93K followers)

What are you known for & how did you get your start?
I am a model and a content creator — I’ve worked with brands such as New Balance, GGC Bikinis, Sommer Swim, I Am Gia and Smashbox. I spent my teenage years in Singapore and traveled a fair amount around Asia and Europe where I started my modeling career and developed a following. 


What’s the brand: Candles

Find it: 


Why did you decide to bring a brand into this crowded marketplace?
I have always aspired to develop my own brand. During quarantine in 2020, I found myself constantly lighting candles in an effort to reset my mood, clear the air and find some peace. I dove into finding a candle that reflected my needs and eventually decided to create my own. (KĀ ÄS) reflects my desire to help people regain their own sense of peace and space where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This brand reflects my journey of self-discovery and the ups and downs associated with finding yourself and your passion.

Best Seller: Be Genuine: White Sage and Lavender

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