About Us

KĀ ÄS Candles - An All Natural Hand Poured Candle Boutique

(KĀ ÄS) is a homegrown candle boutique in Houston, TX. Each candle is handcrafted and features a sophisticated scent with a unique message. As someone who has struggled with self-doubt and confidence, I wanted to inspire others who may be lost, lacking confidence, or dealing with life’s challenges on a more intimate and personal level. I want them to know that change is possible, and that it starts with self-belief. 

My upbringing was a little different than most. At age fifteen my family moved to Singapore, where I attended an American high school. At age 18, I made the decision to begin a career in the modeling world. It was then that I learned persistence and never taking no for an answer could dramatically alter one’s circumstances in life for the better. 

I’ve always felt a little lost in understanding my true calling. I was turned down from job after job until one day it hit me: follow your heart and create the career you’ll love for yourself. That’s when I decided to start (KĀ ÄS). Pronounced chaos, (KĀ ÄS) is a reflection of my life’s journey.

I hope to inspire anyone fearing risk or rejection to follow their intuition and believe in themselves. It’s up to you to become the person you want to be. My hope is that our candles can remind you that hard work, self-care, and a constant persistence can take you one step closer to your dreams.

Hand-poured in Houston, each candle is crafted to fit both masculine and feminine energies using coconut, soy, beeswax and fragrance oils, in a reusable glass vessels.